Older adults may experience changes in vision and/or hearing. About 1 in 3 older adults have a hearing impairment. Older adults also need about 3 times as much light as they did when they were younger. Keeping these age-related changes in mind, you can improve the experience not just older adults but all customers.


  • Avoid loud music, loud background music can be overwhelming and make it difficult to have conversations or hear announcements.
  • Consider having music free or reduced music during times when older customers are more likely to shop or dine.
  • Consider the type of music played and whether it will be appealing to all age groups
  • Dedicate certain areas of your business as “quiet areas” such as tables in quieter sections of a restaurant


  • Lighting should be bright and uniform, avoid dark spaces
  • Assure that lighting is adequate throughout the business, especially in entrances, exits, and hallways
  • Include direct light over areas where reading or other visually demanding tasks take place.
  • Cut down on glare by using shades in windows and/or filtered lighting.