2019 Summit

Building a Community for All Ages

Aging Together:
A Summit to Explore Building a Community for All Ages

The Aging Together Summit was held on Wednesday, May 1, 2019, at the Elks at Bass Rocks in Gloucester, MA.

Keynote Speakers

Andrea J. Fonte Weaver
Founder & Executive Director
Bridges Together

Intergenerational Programs: A Vaccination Against Ageism, A Prescription for Longevity

Join us as we take stock of where we are in our country – age-segregated with ageism that is rampant and insidious. We’ll explore what strong intergenerational programs are and how they benefit older adults and young people in a variety of ways. Participants will learn some key steps in uniting generations in their own communities so that people of all ages may experience the richness of intergenerational relationships and interdependence.

Brendan and Kay Walsh
speakers from the Alzheimer’s Association Speakers Bureau

Nothing about us without us.

Hear directly from a family currently impacted by a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and what have been some of their challenges and successes navigating their community while living with dementia.